The Visuals

What is Videography?

Videography is visual storytelling. It is arguably the most difficult form of storytelling because there are way more variables than written content or digital Ads.

World class videography work includes a great script at the right location, and great shots with smart editing. You also need the talent. High quality video production cannot overcome a poor on-camera performance, and finding the right personality to project your brands message is not easy. It includes saying the right words with the right tone, cadence, posture, body language, and enthusiasm.

Our Process

At the Flye Labs, we have access to some of the most talented videographers and on-camera personalities in North & South America to maximize the reach of your video content.

Our goal is to understand the story that needs to be told, and then to identify who should share that story, and where to deploy that message. This is accomplished through effective planning and strategy.

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Our Clients


Case Studies

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Chick-fil-A – Converting Promotions with Timely Social Media Engagement

  Goals: 1. Promote the Chick-fil-A lunch menu 2. Increase awareness and drive traffic to various Chick-fil-A establishments Approach: 1.…

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Bare Republic — Boosting Ad Targeting & Finding the Best Influencers

Situation: Bare Republic the Organic Sunscreen Brand wanted to: Boost Online Campaigns and Activations Build Awareness Drive sales to Walmart,…

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LOCKN’ Festival — Using Social Insights for Marketing Decisions

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