Bare Republic — Boosting Ad Targeting & Finding the Best Influencers


Bare Republic the Organic Sunscreen Brand wanted to:

  • Boost Online Campaigns and Activations
  • Build Awareness
  • Drive sales to Walmart, Ulta Beauty + Target
  • Find Celebrity + Lifestyle Influencers that are not only fans of Bare Republic but also fans of Walmart, Ulta, and Target


Flye was able to identify brands that Bare Republics audience pays attention to. The majority of the brands identified were in the Travel, Organic Health, and Beauty verticals. We also learned that Bare Republics audience has interests in deal/coupon websites and the news outlets they pay attention to are skewed heavily toward females.


Flye identified 50 influencers Bare Republic’s audience takes notice of, ranking them in order. We identified the main topics we saw influencers covering.

Bare Republic used the Audience Interest categories to boost FB and IG targeting and took advantage of Flye’s insights as the driving force to increase brand engagement + drive sales.

Flye identified coupon companies that Bare Republic used to attract lower-income customers. Bare Republic drove sales to Walmart, Target + Ulta Beauty using the influencers that Flye provided.