Instagram Advertising:
The Targeted Message

What is Instagram Advertising

This platform focuses on “interest” and “lifestyle” based targeting.

This includes Sponsored Stories, Instagram Takeovers, and of course, influencer marketing.

Our Process

Before running a successful Instagram advertising campaign we start by helping you understanding your audience – or the community you are looking to connect with.

We provide you with best value by curating content that fits seamlessly into your news-feed, and doesn’t feel like advertising at all.

We also help businesses with influencer marketing on Instagram. Our process includes finding the best individual that carries clout within a specified community. It could be an athlete, musician, or a well known business person. Our insights can also find “micro-influencers,” such as a community activist or local fashionista. The idea is to match the brand or business with an Influencer that truly believes in the product or service they are representing. This creates authenticity, trust, and a social proof message that is more likely to generate interest, engagement and sales.

Once the influencer is selected our team will put together a formal strategy with specified KPI’s to ensure the campaign delivers upon the predetermined objectives.

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Our Clients


Case Studies

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