LOCKN’ Festival — Using Social Insights for Marketing Decisions


LOCKN’ Festival was looking for new ways to enhance their marketing efforts for their Music Festival. They wanted to know who their fans were, what areas they hang out and what they like


After analyzing the different online audiences, Flye learned all about LOCKN’ Festivals fans. We identified news platforms, venues, brands, and other music artists that their audience is paying attention to.

Importantly, we were able to complete the project within days of the request, and we did not require any hardware or software to be installed.


The teams were able to make precise decisions using the data, which led to increased ticket sales and learned audience trends.


“The comedy interest results really improved our efforts. The report was well received by the entire organization and we made several adjustments to our ad targeting. The sponsorship team really appreciated the brand affinities and are looking at new partners for our 2019 festival.”

— Jonathan Healey

Vice President, Marketing + Digital Strategy

Dayglo Ventures