Allen Crabbe  – Gaining Partnerships off of The Court


Allen Crabbe’s Marketing Team wanted to gain new partnerships for him off of the court. They wanted to know what family and fashion brands his fans pay attention to

After playing professionally in Portland, New York, and LA, the Marketing Teams were also interested in learning more about his fans in each of these cities


Flye was able to identify 120 brands that Allen’s fans pay attention to. The majority of the brands identified were in the sports, lifestyle, urban + luxury fashion verticals.


Flye presented Allen’s teams with the brands that his fans pay attention to in Portland, New York, and LA. To give Allen’s team a more focused approach, Flye also educated the teams on how his fans in Portland, New York, and LA compared to his global fan base.

Flye identified a wealth of luxury car, fashion and sportswear brands Allen’s fans pay heavy attention to in New York.

Allen’s team is currently in the process of reaching out to these brands for potential partnerships to grow his brand within these verticals.